Reward Policy

How  to get points?

Reward Point system for our loyal clients.

Every registered client has 0pportunity to get reward points and discounts which can be used together in your future orders.

Below are the rules: 

How to get points.

*Any successful order can get related points , points quantity depends on the total amount of the orders. The points would be put into your account in approx. 24 hours.

*If you have any advice on our new ordering system, you can leave message or email us. When your advice is accepted, you will be rewarded 20 to 80 points, it depends on your advice quality.

*Recommend your friends or other people to purchase our lace wigs, you would get 100 points($10).

*Providing real pictures of you with our wigs can get 50-100 points, providing great vedios can get 100-400 points, points quantity depends on the quality or influence of your pictures or vedios.

*Writing review on the products you ordered would get 5-20 points 

How to use points when you place order:

*Every $20 of your success order can get 5 points , and every 10 points can be exchanged to $1. You can use the money for your future orders, but can not exchange the points to cash .

*There is no deadline for your points.

*Points and discount can be used together in one order.

*Points rewards policy is not suitable for the wholesale clients

please email us inquiry your reward points